Thursday, May 21, 2009

Noah & the Flood

The flood is a hotbed of debate and controversy among believers and unbelievers . . . . for a number of reasons.

Last Sunday we looked at The God of the Flood" who confronts us in Genesis 6. This week we take the plunge and deal with the sticky question of the scope of the flood . . . among other things.

(You gotta know. . . it is not my intention to stir up the "hornets nest" of these controversial issues, and I'd sure avoid it, if I could, but I feel a compulsion and a calling to deal with the "elephants in the room" and address the real questions that folks, including myself, are asking.)

If you missed last week or the week before, go here to catch up. These weeks, including next week, sort of all go together.

Wayne Peterson, one of our elders, missed last week, and so went here to catch up, and then sent me this fun cartoon. . . probably not to far off the mark. . . .

Appreciate your prayers, as I'm staring down the barrel at a busier than normal weekend.

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