Thursday, May 07, 2009

SLO Mystery Spot

A little fun on a Thursday. Here' are some pics from a location here in San Luis Obispo. So what is this and where is this and what is its purpose?

An no, its not a bike shop!


Erik Ernstrom said...

I know where that is, but not what it is.
It's next to Woodstock's on Osos, underneath the gym.
Looks like an art gallery of some kind.

Anonymous said...

What is this place? The kids always want to go in when we walk by.

Lisa Lewis said...

Used to be Osos Street Subs. It is full of bike art because it is Bike Month in SLO. Go to the SLO RIde Share and it can tell you more about it. Get on your bikes!

Travis Thompson said...

Pastor Tim, I love reading your blog, but it makes me miss SLO so much... I always loved bike month.

I don't know what that place is, but it definitely looks like an art gallery.

Janice Phillips said...

Cool! I can't wait to check it out!

Clyde said...

they used to hold rock shows down there, and at that time it was called "the dwelling." cheerful, isn't it :) sweeet to see the bike art goin on