Thursday, May 21, 2009

Serve Day Pics

The pics are still coming in from last Saturday's Serve Day. (If you've got some, get em to us!)

I loved being out at Cuesta Park working on the Aid's Support Network Garden, but I wanted to know what everyone else was doing at the 30 or so other serve locations. . . . the event was so decentralized. . . .we need to share our stories. Stay tuned for an opportunity to do that. . . in the meantime, the pics can help. . . . here are a few so far. . . .

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If you were involved, thank you. We've got to keep doing this. Our min staff discussed the possibility of a quarterly or monthly mini Serve Opp that would focus on one location. Just imagine what 50 of us could do if we descended on and swarmed a community need . . .

Not to us, but to your name be the glory ---Psalm 115:1

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Janice Phillips said...

I'll e-mail you the pic of our Lifeline team. In the meantime, I blogged about the day here: