Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Annual Meeting Resources Now Posted . . .

  • Did our staff spend more than the congregation gave last year?
  • What's up with the Osos Parking Lot?
  • How much did the 1011 Pacific Street property really cost?
  • What was the final price tag for the remodel of the Founder's Hall and Early Childhood Center?
  • How much has the congregation given to the Building on the Legacy Vision?
  • What is the Building on the Legacy Vision?
  • What is the "Big Gift" and what happened to it?

All these questions and many more were answered at our Annual Congregation Meeting last Sunday evening.

We had a great evening together and we missed you, but we still want you to know the vital information that was shared. So we've posted the audio and a pdf of the presentation slides right here.

Find an hour and dig in. After all, it's your church and you need to know this stuff!

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