Tuesday, June 02, 2009

boys digging into God's Word

I pray that my boys will love God's Word and center their lives around its life-changing truth. Needless to say, I smiled when Susie sent me this precious pic of Zeke reading Haaken's new rhyming Bible to him today.

Haaken loves to rhyme and he's been complaining every Sunday, "Mom, I don't have a Bible . . . ". Obviously that was a problem we needed and wanted to fix. So his new Bible came in the mail (that delivery guy sure comes a lot, usually bearing books!) and Zeke just started reading it to him. Apparently they read the whole thing together in one sitting.

Diggin' that!


ben said...

That is awesome your boys are lookin to the Word together! I hope and pray that will continue on forever! Haaken, dude, I'm stoked you got a Bible man!

just craig said...

A feast for the eyes and hopefully a feast for thier souls.

Erik said...

That's awesome! I love to watch my kids read to each other.

But you ordered a Bible through the mail instead of going to your locally owned Christian Bookstore???