Thursday, March 25, 2010

reflections, 03.25.10

  • It was encouraging to see so many new folks at our Spring Welcome Lunch last Sunday. Linking the Welcome Lunch to our Getting to Know Grace class has been a good move that creates a clear path into our church. GraceSLO is a dynamic place. We lose some to graduation, relocation, and dissatisfaction, but we also keep gaining some. I'm encouraged by the many of who are finding Grace and making it their home.
  • We're excited about our Spring Growth Group. With 12 adults and 15 kids, its going to be interesting. We'll see how it goes. Potluck, family style. Looking forward to gathering regularly to explore and apply God's Word, pray and care for one another. Hope you're still prayerfully evaluating the rocks (priorities) of your life and considering how to wedge the big rock of Growth Groups in. It was definitely a long, challenging process for our family. I expect it will be for other families as well. Still time to sign up for the Spring.
  • Thursday Men's Study (need a name, any suggestions?) wrapped up Piper's "The Pleasures of God" this morning. Its been a humbling and thought-provoking study. Next week we'll start "Why We Love the Church." Its a great time to jump in, if you're looking to connect and grow. 6:00 to 7:00 AM, in and out. Its about the rhythm of being together and keeping the Lord and His word in the center of our lives. Email me, if you want to jump in.
  • Can't believe Easter is here already. Invite someone or lots of people to attend our services at 8, 9:30 and 11:00. Note the change-up in the service times. Easter is one Sunday when people are more open to attending church. Let's take full advantage of that.
  • Serve Day 2010 is happening May 15. This year Pastor Steve is spearheading a multi-church, county wide effort. Its going to a great. We all want to serve and make a difference in the community. Here's an identifiable way. Let's serve the Lord and others in word and deed.
  • Our search for a new Student Ministries pastor is still happening behind the scenes. Things are progressing slowly. Be in prayer for this important process.
  • Our family is bracing ourselves for the reality of three kids in three sports this Spring. Not sure how we're going to pull it off, but we're going to try. Haaken is doing Kid's Love Soccer, Sage will play Futsal (indoor soccer) and Zeke is playing Rookie Baseball. I'm guessing we're not the only ones. Its a challenge to balance 4 while doing what we can to provide stimulating whole life growth opportunities. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • We have a small 3 bedroom house (1200 square feet) on our property that we are looking to rent to a nice couple or small family. They will living in close proximity to our madness, but it's a great place in a beautiful rural setting in East Arroyo Grande. Our prayer is that the Lord will provide someone we know or someone who knows someone we know. Should be available by May 1 or before. Email me if you are interested or you know anyone.

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