Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good for Piper

John Piper is taking a leave of absence from preaching, pastoring and virtually all public commitments for the rest of 2010 to focus his energy and attention on his wife and family.

Here's the blog post.

I think this is a great, bold move. I can't imagine the pressure Piper lives under and the toll it takes on his family. With all his commitments and callings, I'm sure he's missed much of his family life. There is only so much of each us to go around.

I love his vulnerability and modeling here.

The pressures of pulpit ministry are unique. Not worse than any one elses' pressures, but unique. You create this amazing ministry or you let it be created around you. The Lord is pleased to bless your ministry. But then its really, really hard to be fully engaged and present on the home front.

Nothing, but the Lord, is more important than our marriages and families. Piper recognizes this and is about to demonstrate it to his wife, Noel. I'm challenged by that.

Challenges me today to evaluate my priorities.

Lets pray for the Pipers.


jenny said...

I read that blog post a couple days ago too and really was encouraged by his vulnerability and committment to family. I will be praying for him.

Janice Phillips said...

Finally had a moment (at the encouragement of my growth group leader!) to sit down and read his full letter...wow...such humility. What an example to others who may be similarly needing a intentional break. Definitely a reality check that goes hand in hand with your sermon the other week about asking "where are you finding your righteousness?" Ouch. What great thoughts to be thinking headed into Spring Growth Groups!! Sanctification, here we come!!