Wednesday, March 10, 2010

three births & five deaths

If you were with us on Sunday, you heard me mention the GraceSLO "hat trick" . . . . three babies born this last Saturday, March 6 . . . Cheyenne Wilkinson, Luke Nelson and Lillian Snyder. What a neat deal!

I and my not-so-little girls had the joy of holding them all Sunday afternoon. Fun to watch all these first-time parents.

Sadly this news was tempered by five friends in our church family who each lost a parent to death over the last week. . . . Cathy Blair, Linda Mathias, Wayne Brown, Wynn Heggli, Ron Hamley.

I'm reminded again that this is mix of pastoral ministry and life in the church. There are, at any given time, those who are grieving and those who are rejoicing . . . those who experiencing trials and those experiencing triumphs. The Lord throws us together so that we might care for and serve one another. I'm privileged and usually overwhelmed to have a front row seat to watch and be a part of it all. This is life together.

Be looking for ways to care and serve these 8 families. . . . and others who are experiencing the range of life experiences.


Peggy B. said...

I am so thankful for the ministry of the Grace family has rushed to minister to and love us!
We have felt the prayers lifting us to the Father and we have been comforted.
There is nothing like family coming around us at difficult times. We were even blessed as God brought Jim Jeffrey and Megan Boragine into our path as they were working at French hospital the night we were there with Wayne's mom!
God is SO good! We have been well loved.

Dan said...

Thanks again for all of the prayer and encouragement as we embark on our parenting journey. It was great to see you and your girls in the hospital on Sunday! Here's a picture of you three with Lillian: