Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Evening with the Elders" . . . Thoughts

Its been almost 2 weeks since our "Evening with Elders" and I haven't posted about it. I wanted to make sure I did.

The PowerPoint Presentation and Audio from the evening are available here.

(The PowerPoint Presentation requires PowerPoint in order to view. On the audio, it sounds like the "record" button was pushed a little late. First 10 minutes or so seems to be missing, but I think it's still worth listening to.)

The Evening with the Elders was a great evening with 250 or so in attendance, but it didn't unfold quite like we had planned and hoped. We really intended to have more time with Elders sharing and fielding questions, but we also needed to share other important vision info related to the Annex Renewal Project. All that to say, we probably tried to do too much.

It's very clear that the congregation is eager to get to know the Elders. That's an encouraging thing for us. Our commitment is to try and do one or two "Evenings with the Elders" per year. We're kind of thinking about Fall and Winter, with our Annual Business Meeting in May/June. So stay tuned. We'll take another crack at it!

Your feedback on the evening is welcome! Hope you get a chance to review the PowerPoint Presentation if you missed it. It contains vital info and some fun facts about God's work at Grace that you really won't hear/see anywhere else.

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Matt Theule said...

There are programs that allow viewing of PowerPoint presentations without having PowerPoint installed.
I have used the Windows version, but not the Mac version.

Windows PowerPoint Viewer 2003

Mac PowerPoint Viewer 98