Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How is God using Growth Groups?

Help me out. As I prepare for our Evening with the Elders, one of the things I'm looking for is 4 or 5 Growth Group testimonies from folks involved in a Growth Group.
How has God used the Growth Groups to grow you spiritually?
Why are you committed to your Growth Group?
What's happening in your Growth Group?
Why should others commit to a Growth Group?

So give God the glory and encourage others in the body by sending me an email or leaving a comment about your Growth Group experience. It would be a big help!


Suzette Lyons said...

We have signed up for growth groups three times. Twice with our first group and now with a new group as it was the only one to fit our schedule.

Each time it has been such a blessing. It is amazing how we have met people we never knew before and now I see the members of my groups almost every Sunday. It not only makes Grace seem like a smaller church, but I have learned so much. It is great to be able to talk over the ideas in the sermon with a group and see differnt perspectives. Our church is really filled with the sweetest godly people ad it has been such a privledge to get to know them.

As to giving a testimony, Wayne might be interested. I'll ask him.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Suzzette, that right there is all I'm looking for. Can I use what you've written here?

Suzette Lyons said...