Monday, February 06, 2006

February 12th "Evening with the Elders"

I hope you're planning on joining us this Sunday evening, February 12th for our "Evening with Elders." Our agenda will focus on three areas. . .

1. Where have we seen God at work among us in 2005?
2. How are we trusting Him in 2006?
3. Questions & Answers for the Elders

We hope the evening has a fun and casual feel, where we gather and just have a good time connecting. We really don't want this to be the typical business meeting, but more a celebration of all that God is doing here at Grace.

I've been a little disappointed to see the negative tone of some of the worship tab questions for the Elders from yesterday's service. I suppose we ask for it when we open it up like this, but it's discouraging to learn what some people are really stewing on. (One question we received was, "Has the egos of the Elders clouded the true mission of Christ?" Unsigned of course. Nice to walk into that on a Monday morning!)

We didn't receive very many questions, so I wanted to invite you "Life Together" readers to submit a few questions, either through the comments forum or via email. Just sign them, please!


Missy Grant said...

Hi Tim - I didn't have time to write a question at church yesterday so I will leave a couple here. I would be interested in knowing where each individual elder sees the Lord leading them in ministry during this next 12-18 months. Not corporately, but individually. What areas of ministry at church or within the community has God given each one of them a heart for? What steps have each of you taken or are taking towards building/working within/promoting the gospel in those ministries?

You are a diverse group and I would be excited to see where you have been rolling up your sleeves and working!

In His Service (with you)


HV said...

With the women's conference fresh in my mind I was wondering what other wonderful events are possibilities for the future? Our children have always been blessed by attending Summit Ministries Worldview conferences in Colorodo Springs in the past. I was wondering, with all of the college and high school students who attend Grace church and the surrounding churches, would it be possible for Grace to host a Christianity and Culture weekend as another ministry opportunity? This is just an idea. I will post the link to Worldview Academy who puts these conferences together. If the elders get a chance maybe they can take a look.

Andy Gibson said...

Tim, way to tackle the Anon factor with a firm foot. As you know, it makes my blood boil. As for making a comment like that, spine. There obviously isn't a solid reason for the belief that was written on that insert because there was no support for it written either. So don't worry about that type of stuff, you have way more important things to be doing. People need to converse, not stew. If they stew, we need to be praying for them as their church family because it is not the answer.

As for elder questions, I will pray about that this week and be sure to share with you any of my thoughts. I wasn't there worshiping with you guys this past Sunday (and no, before assumptions are made, I didn't watch the SB either!), so I will be sure and share my thoughts here as I think more about it.

One thought I do have, but might be a better question for the financial trustees, is; how is the church going to handle the red number in the bulletin (which was so close to black) as the spring and summer months creep up on us again, a traditionally lower giving time period? (Maybe I am wrong on that, but nonetheless concerned).

Brian Wong said...

I'm sorry to hear that such a loaded question was written down this Sunday. I think that from a pragmatic approach, such a question is always valid. I think it's important to reflect on whether or not our pride is getting in the way of Christ's message. However, it's unfortunate that the question was asked with so much implied meaning.

I'll have to think about questions. I'll get back to you.

Suzette Lyons said...

I have to say that I think that it is really great that all of the Elders are taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet with the congregation in this way. I see it as a real commitment to serve the members of our church and make sure that all members know they have access to the Elders and that their questions are important.

Dave McShea said...


I am sorry that we will not be there on Sunday night. I always enjoy these evenings.

I just want to encourage you, the pastoral team, and the elder board that I am thrilled with the direction that our church is growing. I can't wait to receive the report when I get back to town.

Keep it going!