Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Free Parking!

The parking initiative to charge for metered parking on Sundays that went before the SLO city council DID NOT PASS last night. Yahoo! You heard it here at "life together" first.

Our own business administrator, Kathy Borland, was one of 18 who offered public comment to the council last night. Thanks, Kathy, for your hard work and active involvement on this issue.

Though it wouldn't have been the end of the world if we had to start paying for parking or walking from the nearby structure, it's a blessing that we won't have to for the near future at least. So give thanks to the Lord!

Here's the article from Sunday's Tribune, in case you missed it. I expect there will be a follow-up article in tomorrow's paper!

San Luis Obispo Tribune 02/19/2006 Meters' day of rest threatened


Brian Wong said...

Hip hip horray! What more needs to be said?

Suzette Lyons said...

Thank you Kathy Borland for all of your work on the Sunday parking issue.

I assume that long time church attenders would park in the parking structure, but that relative new comers might quit attending after getting a parking ticket or two.

The meters bother me enough that I rarely shop down town. Moving to North County has spoiled me. I like to park for fee and shop as long as I want.

Andy Gibson said...

Same with Santa Maria. Enough parking to go around! I dread parking in Downtown SLO now, not to mention downtown LA.

Brian Wong said...

Andy, you did hit on something. We think it's bad to have to pay $0.75 for that extra hour in the parking structure. Can you imagine parking in a structure in downtown LA that costs $30+ per day? I have heard of lots that were $45 per day.

This summer when I was in Irvine, I had to park in lots that were $20/day, and I thought that was bad.