Wednesday, May 24, 2006


this is an audio post - click to play

Check it out! That's the wind you hear in the background.

Fun and different. Are you open to audio posts once in while?

Pretty slick and easy. Pretty amazing.


Tim Weaver said...

Praying for your study time.

Brian Wong said...

Sounds cool. Definitely something new and different. You're not spending too much time surfing at the beach, are you ;-)

Jeff Martin said...

You can hear the emotion. Although you sound laid back, it was gutteral. I really like it. Look forward to hearing Gods word and the fruits of your preparation!

You fired me up. I've been really out of it and have not got into the swing of the celebration. I'm sorry for that. I look forward to celebrating and remembering together.

Interesting thing this audio blog. It would make an excellent news letter media for the work place...