Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back Away from the Test Tube

When I preached on the Sanctity of Life back in January, I had several people recommend the movie, The Island. Susie and I just recently had an opportunity to watch it.

The movie centers on two clones who don't know they're clones, but soon discover it when they escape their habitrail existence and find themselves in the real world. Cloning in the movie is big business and portrayed as a new kind of insurance for the wealthy who tap their clones when needed for spare body parts and in the event of accidents. I think the movie is worth seeing to consider where this stuff can go.

If you saw it, what were your impressions?

If you think the movie was far fetched, read this short article from World Magazine entitled, "The End of Humanism," about a University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka, who was recently given the 2006 Texas Scientist of the Year Award.

Here's a shocking excerpt about a speech he gave to the Texas Academy of Science. . .

Mr. Pianka began by condemning "anthropocentrism," the idea that human beings have a privileged place in the universe. He told about a neighbor who once asked him what good are the lizards that he studies. Mr. Pianka replied, "What good are you?"

Mr. Pianka believes, in his words, "We're no better than bacteria!" and he has proposed an anti-bacterial course of hygiene. He said that, in order to save the planet, the human population should be reduced by 90 percent. War and famine are not efficient enough, he said, to kill the billions of people necessary. Disease would be the best population reducer. AIDS, though, works much too slowly.

What would be best, he said, is Ebola, a Central African virus that liquifies the internal organs. An airborne variety of Ebola, he calculated, would produce 90 percent mortality.

Yikes! The media was banned from the event. He got a standing ovation from the attendees. Our tax dollars at work. Slowly back away from the test tube, Pianka.


Gordon Wong said...

Science has the capacity to lift the significance of humanity or devalue it. Science, in it's purest pursuit is noble. It's the pursuit of knowledge and the mind God's gifted to man. In speaking with man, God says in Isaiah, "Come let us REASON together...." On the other hand, science can be warped like Dr. PeaBrain and that is the sign of the Pandora box to come.

The great concern of genetic research and scientists like Dr. 'Peabrain' gives us a glimpse to the growing danger of a field populated with potential people without a moral compass or the respect of the santity of life. We must have people like my knee doctor who prayed before my surgery for God's hand upon him.

Science always has the potential to aid humanity in suffering, but in our zeal to rely upon knowledge and not God we are thinly walking the line of wrestling the sovereign right of God who grants us life or death. God, Himself, by his divine right has the right to stave off death if it's not our time. God has the right to open the womb.

We are slowly caught up in the paradigm shift in thinking and it begins with America's facination with youth. That's why millions are spent on makeup and why so many women are insecure because they don't look like a model. Next step is cosmetic enhancements. It's one thing to look good, it's another to say, "God messed up on me." Society is impressing that upon us at an early stage.

This is the base of saying, "One is not valued as much as the next person because of God given beauty.' Think it's not a big deal? How does America value the elderly? Now fast forward to the idea of cloning - an issue at the forefront of science. It's not about beauty now, it's

Cloning is on the upper spectrum of this world's facination with youth and beauty, but on the next level.

If you have the ability to develop organs successfully, why not clone an entire person?

If you can, why not go all the way with a full clone of a person? Then if it's a person, is it created or 'manufactured'?
If it's manfactured then is it not 'expendable?'

Pandora's box is opened: if you can one day clone organs so easily how VALUED is God in life because you need a liver? Go down to the local organ bank, order one, and have it put in. It's like microwaving a tv dinner. Remember how farmers use to pray to God for good weather for a good harvest? It was literally in God's hand then. Now we can move water, we can use pesticide, and we have science to not only have our crops watered properly, but we can enhance it's size, and we can mix it (brocilliflower). If you can do it with food, the next frontier is organs and bodies.

We must remember, the curse of this world is upon us and this world (oh HEAVEN!). Some of the issues in health we face, the shortage of food, is a by-product of man's rebellion against God. Everything God created is good, and beautiful in His will and design. It's for His Glory, His sovereignty and we must respect it.

We say we eat what we want, God says eat less rich foods (Daniel)...we reap heart disease, diabetes. We say, abuse our bodies, God says take care of it....we reap the altered reality of beauty. We say two jobs, more money, God says keep the family unit together...we reap children that rebels, and divorces. We say party, God says don't get drunk...we reap news of families, children killed by drunk drivers. We say sexual liberation, God says purity...we reap disease, loneliness. We say, retirement planning, God says, trust me to provide....we reap the worries of money and the future.

Christian, do not let God be pushed out the picture of science, or any field. If God is not in it, it becomes corrupted and like a ship without a rudder.

We need to return the scepter of Lordship in science and life back to God say, "We cannot do it."

Tim Weaver said...

My first response:
I don't suppose that Pianka would volunteer to be first to reduce the population would he? How better to serve his cause than to lead the way?

I guess he would make earth a god that is to be worshipped and cared for above all, but yet it is too weak to take care of itself. (Not much of a god if it can't even care for itself.)

After I think about it response:
I grieve for Pianka and people like him. He is so wrapped up in the lie that he can't see that value of his own life. They misses the most wonderful truth there is that God loves him and cares for him so much that He would give His Son to have an eternal relationship with him. What a sad situation to be in. Lord, thank you for having mercy on me and opening my eyes and winning me heart. Have mercy on Pianka, too.

Jeannett Gibson said...

It's not so scary to me that people like Pianka exist. There have always been crazy people in the world, with hair-brained ideas. The scary thing is that HE IS GETTING AN AWARD!!! It's so absurd, you want to wish it wasn't true. But sadly, it is. It's such a twisted mentality, to even try to find a place to BEGIN to address it is futile. This is one of those times I just think: "Jeannett, you don't have to explain it away. Just pray about it."

Suzette Lyons said...

It is disturbing, but not really surprising that worldly scientists are adopting this attitude. Satan is the influence behind the world system. Satan hates human life more than anything. Human life is the image of God and only God can create life. It points out his deficiency, so nothing would please the enemy of our souls more than to wipe out 90% of the human population.

I would be just terrified if I did not know that God is in control and the enemy has already been defeated at the cross of Christ