Thursday, May 25, 2006

what's cookin'?

I had great time this morning gathering with a group of Central Coast pastors. We shared personal needs, what we're preaching on this Sunday and what we're learning from our study of God's Word. We prayed for one another. We laughed. We evaluated the Da Vinci Dialogue CCEPN campaign and agreed that it was our best cooperative project to-date.

It's always a hassle to get there. It's always a joy once I'm there.

I give thanks for our fellowship. I need it. There continues to be a sense among us that God is doing a work here on the Central Coast . . . and He's not done yet.

We've got some great things cookin' for next year. I'd love to tell you, but. . . .

It's a pretty unique thing. I've never seen or heard anything like it.

Many thanks to Steve Potratz for pulling us together and for sacrificially giving of his personal and corporate time, talent and treasure. It simply wouldn't be happening without him.

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Brian Wong said...

So does that mean you're not gonna tell us? You're holding us in suspense...