Monday, May 01, 2006

The Heldt Family: Fitting in

Great post by Brianna Heldt over on their blog. Check it out at

Fitting in

I resonate with this. Let's be an explicable, peculiar, winsome, gospel-centered people who defy the categories.


Gordon said...

What a refreshing and candid revelation. This family gets props for me. Truly a REAL family.

Brianna's husband plays a mean game of laser tag.

Jeannett Gibson said...

The Heldt's are celebrities. Told you Brianna.

Kevin Heldt said...

Do you KNOW any celebrities driving a banged up Lincoln Town Car from the 80s? Maybe you didn't intend it as such, but being called a celebrity in this day and age is certainly no compliment -- Ouch!

Gordon, thanks for the kind words! And I heartily enjoyed mowing down your team in a blaze of C3PO laser glory. :)

Gordon said...

Kevin, we will pull out the Death Star next time.

By the way, this speckled, godly man called Steve Leonard is a cold hearted Boba Fett. He will zap you with mercy in laser tag also. BEWARE. :OP

Anonymous said...

WITHOUT mercy.

Anonymous said...

none of us fit in. period. these convenient labels and classifications are all gross oversimplificationsm they mean nothing. don't fall into the trap of believing that ANYONE fits into them.