Friday, September 22, 2006

2006 Fall Kick Off this Sunday

Here's the Vital Info Fall Kick-Off email that the Grace Family received. If you didn't, contact the church office. Sunday's comin' . . .

Beloved Family of Grace,

As we move toward our 2006 Fall Kick-Off this Sunday, September 24, I am acutely aware that this has been a particularly trying week for many in our Grace family. I cannot remember a week that's been marked by as many trials and hard things among our congregation. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but I do know this. . . that what the evil one wants to use for harm and ill, God wants to use for good. Along the way, ironically, I've been preparing for our Fall Teaching Series entitled "Joy Revolution" rooted in the book of Philippians. We get started this Fall Kick-Off Sunday with a message from Psalm 34:7, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." I pray that God will use this message to both minister to hurting hearts and draw lost hearts to Himself. Please join me in prayer. Regardless of what you're going through or what you've experienced this week, I urge you to come worship with the Lord's people on what will be a powerful and glorious day.

Here is vital information you need to know for Sunday. Please read carefully. . . .

1. Inviting & Welcoming: It is not too late to invite friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, and complete strangers to join us this Sunday. It's about as open, warm, and non-threatening environment as it could possibly be. I've attached a copy of the invite card at the bottom of this email so you can send an invite. People are far more likely to respond to a personal invitation than they are to a mailer or newspaper ad. So take a risk, step out and be bold. Remember that Sunday is a day of service, outreach and welcome. Be looking for those RED newcomer name tags. Smile.

2. Everybody Plays: We've been encouraged by the many who have stepped forward to pull off this HUGE day. If you've missed the opportunities to sign up and serve, it's not too late. You can either show up early, stay late on Sunday or email Pastor Steve at<> to volunteer. This Fall at Grace, EVERYBODY PLAYS!

3. Parking & Arrival: Our ONE outdoor service starts at 10:00 AM. Plan to arrive early and park in the parking structure on the corner of Morro and Pacific. (It's not that far!) Let's leave as much street parking close to the park as we can for visitors who might be joining us on that day. As you approach the park, please respect the flagged off areas and use the designated walkways. As you approach the worship area, you will be greeted by one of our Welcome Team who will give you a worship folder and ask you to fill out a name tag. As usual, those who have been attending Grace for less than a year and have never been at Fall Kick-Off will be welcomed withRED name tags. Those who have been worshipping with us for more than a year will receiveGOLD name tags. Please wear your name tag all day so we all can refresh our "name hard drives." This is a very important form of welcoming new folks to our church family . . . PLEASE WEAR YOUR NAME TAG. First time guests will also receive a guest registration slip which they will exchange for free lunch tickets after the service.

4. Worship Service: Our dress is casual this Sunday. I will be wearing flip flops for sure and quite possibly even shorts. Our worship service will be about the length of our normal service, not more than 70 minutes. There should be plenty of shaded seating available. You are also free to bring your own blankets and lawn chairs and sit under the trees, if you prefer. Please care for our senior saints by insuring that they have access to shaded seating. There will be a Baby Station just east of the stage area equipped with rockers and a changing table. There will not be nursery staff on duty on Sunday.

This is a Family Service, but please try to rein in your little ones during the service. We have the whole afternoon to enjoy the park. We ask that you avoid having your kids over in the kids play area in the park during the service so that other kids are not distracted. My suggestion is that you talk to your children about your expectations during the service on Saturday evening! At one point in the service, we'll ask all the kids 6th grade and under to come on up to help with a song. Feel free to come with your timid ones.

An offering will be received on that day as part of our normal expression of worship. Guests will be encouraged not to give! Sing your hearts out to the Lord. Outdoor sound diffuses far more, so sing louder and stronger and let's let our visitors, neighbors, and those driving by know that the Lord is worthy to be praised. Delight yourselves in the Lord! I will do all I can to make the message from Psalm 37:4 engaging, encouraging, clear, relevant, and Gospel-centered. Pray for me!

5. Lunch: Guests eat first and eat free. If you bring a guest, you are encouraged to eat with them. If you are serving on the Fun Team, feel free to eat immediately after our guests. If you have not yet purchased your lunch tickets, you will need to purchase them at the ticket stations just south of the Gazebo. Guests will receive their guest registration before or during the worship service which they will exchange for lunch tickets at these same ticket stations. (Don't worry… it will all make more sense on that day!) Tickets for lunch are $6 per person, $25 per family maximum.

6. Afternoon Fun & Games: Just go for it. There will be plenty for all to do. Throughout the afternoon make it your goal to engage with 5 folks with red name tags that you don't know. Let's overwhelm our newcomers with our hospitality. The center Gazebo will be our Welcome Center where you will find all sorts of ministry information including new ministry brochures. Members of our welcome team will be available to assist you with any information you may need. I understand that our 75th Anniversary Video will be showing in the Gazebo as well K-Life will be providing the music and announcing raffle prizes.

7. Between Now & Then: Pray and invite. It's going to be a great afternoon. Let's not take it for granted. Let's not let it be rote, stale or dull, but vibrant, warm and exciting. Let's let it express the energy of our life in Christ together.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for serving. Thanks for playing this Fall. I am privileged to serve our great God together with you. I am honored to serve as your pastor. See you Sunday!

Because of & for the Gospel . . . Pastor Tim

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