Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall Kick-Off Impressions

What a great day yesterday at our 2006 Fall Kick-Off! Great spirit of fellowship and fun. People hung out for a long, long time. So exciting to see the body of Christ at Grace come together to pull off something to serve the commnity.

I just got the count. . . . there were approximately 1075 counted at the service and we served 250 visitors for lunch which included about 70 from new families and 180 college students.

Who'd you meet? Introduce them to the rest of the "life together" readers via a comment."

Fall is a season of GATHERING here at Grace. All Fall, our focus needs to be on how to help all these new folks connect to "life@grace." So keep your eyes peeled for new folks and make an extra effort to reach out.

The college ministry is going to be HUGE this Fall which raised the need for new "Adopt-a-Student" families. We'll be rolling out that opportunity in the next couple of weeks. This is a great way for us as a church to heighten our impact in the lives of these college age students. Throughout last year, I kept hearing great stuff from both college students and the families that adopted them.

Other impressions from yesterday?

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Brian Wong said...

Props to the ACE team for doing such a good job of preparing the food and getting all those hundreds of people served in an organized and timely fashion. It was a joy to be back at Grace yesterday.

I'm amazed that we had that many new College students. The ministry center is going to be packed out! Pastor Tim, when do we get to hold College group in the sactuary?