Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Family Camp 2006

It seems a long time ago already since our Family Camp, though it was just a week ago. Here's a couple of pics. . .

The first one is of Jason Evangelista on the famous "Taco." Jason figured out how to stay on when the taco got fully sideways and then land it. Amazing. Other great taco riders included Andrew Smith, Charlie Grey, Kendall Mattina, Wayne Lyons, Dave Obrien, Wesley and John Evans.

The second one is of me running out of gas after everybody but the Gibsons had left on Sunday evening. Don't ask me how that happened. I thought I had plenty. Andy was the hero who talked the young girl at Al's Market into turning on the gas pump after they had all been shut down for the night. What a boyscout! That's me, Andy and what we hoped wasn't a stalker in the car coming up the road.

It was truly an incredible weekend. I didn't want to go home. Sweet fellowship. Great wakeboarding, skiiing and tacoing.

Here's an encouraging email I recieved from John Evans after the weekend. . . .


Thanks again for the great boat rides this weekend. Wesley and I are still sore, but the pain was worth the gain. This was our families’ first Grace Campout and both Wesley and Evelyn agree it was one of the highlights of their year.
So thank you for all your hard work and if you see Dori please express our thanks to her too.

On an aside, when we got back to our house Sunday and started unloading a neighbor asked us where we had been all weekend. We told him about the campout, all the fun we had, and about the senior pastor who gave the wildest tube rides. He said “that sounds like a church our family should visit. Which one is it?” You just never know what’s going to connect with someone.

Have a good week,

John Evans
You never know what's going to connect with someone, so why don't you invite someone to this Sunday's Fall Kick-Off!


Andy Gibson said...

5:50ish PM - PT - "Dude, what do you think is wrong" Chug, chug, chug, truck dead. Start truck...chug, chug, chug, roll three feet, dead. "What do you think it is?"

Andy - "I think you're outta gas" Awesome. Especially considering Ken's preaching earlier that morning, "What happens when your boat breaks." I couldn't get past the irony for about 10 minutes.

6:00 PM - Marina is closed. After yelling for somebody, all I hear is silence. So sad, I have to drive up to Al's place fo gas.

6:12 PM - Al's gate is open, Thank God, because I really didn't feel like driving around to campsites groveling for gas.

6:14 PM - Walking towards pump with 5 Gal gas can, young girl says "Sorry, the pumps are shut down for the evening"

6:15 PM - "Oh man, it is an emergency. My retarded friend ran out of gas somehow, someway, maybe his low fuel light is dead..., and is sitting on the main road to the marina, uphill with his foot on the brake...is there any way I can just get five gallons." Girl goes into shop.

6:15 PM - Girls Grandmother, obviously in charge, asks "Do you have cash?" Open my wallet, $19 bones. At $3.69 a gallon...do the math, bingo, enough for 5.15 gallons of gas. I have evidence, God is, in fact, in the details. Even for our gasless pastor.

6:20 PM - Can gassed and ready to go.

6:25 PM - Make Tim hold ackward and heavy (5.15 gallons, at 6.7 lbs. a gallon = 34 lbs) can as it slowly fills his truck as stalker offers help.

6:52 PM - Leave San Antonio Lake, with gas, and make it to Paso Robles. Amen to that, because the "stuck there for a while" factor was high.

Love ya Tim. Had to share my side of the experience!

It was a great weekend. Tim was diligent in serving by making sure people got their fill on the taco, and the other boats served just as hard, taking people out for skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Whatever your body wanted to do. Thanks to everybody that worked so hard and contributing for all the gas that was burnt. It is awesome to see the church family sharing the things God has blessed them with. Thanks to Darrell for cooking our tri-tip, yet again, and to Dori, especially, for busting to make this campout a success for everybody.

I hope to see more families next year, it was great to see such a presence in overflow, even with all the families sharing campsites in the main area!

You never know what is going to connect with someone.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

If you're going to throw me under the boat, you can at least throw in the "In & Out"!

Andy Gibson said...

7:30ish PM - Both my truck and Tim's truck are full of gas. I however, refuse to fill up at Valero, for which I get railed by my wife and Tim for. So, since I didn't fill up at the same place as him, Tim calls and offers to buy me dinner at either A&W or In & Out. I choose the latter and we meet there.

7:45ish PM - I'm eating my In & Out courtesy of Tim, which he didn't have to by me. I would have helped either way.


Pastor Tim Theule said...


Jeannett Gibson said...

I also had someone ask questions like: "really, you're church goes camping? How fun! what church is that? Hmmm, maybe I can go next year?" This, by the way, was the same person who at Easter cautioned me to not scare the kids with the horror story of return of the living Christ. Amazing how something as seemingly trivial and "on the side" like the campout can really make a difference. I think a lot of people assume churches are stodgy and pretentious...some good old fashioned boating and bbq'ing might just get someone interested.