Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the state of preaching today

Ted Malley sent me this great post from Al Mohler's Blog on the state of preaching today . . .

The State of Preaching Today

Since we've been plowing through these challenging and controversial texts in Matthew, here's a paragraph that jumped out at me. . .

Instead, many of these preachers simply disregard and ignore vast sections of Scripture, focusing instead on texts that are more comfortable, palatable, and nonconfrontational to the modern mind. This is a form of pastoral neglect and malpractice, corrected only by a comprehensive embrace of the Bible--all of it--as the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. All of it is for our good.
I think it's so important that both preacher and people understand what the Bible says about preaching. . . what it is. . . why we do it. . . why it matters . . . what constitutes good or poor preaching. . . why preaching is the centerpiece of the church's worship. These things can't be assumed in these days . . . they must be continually explained. So please read up . .

I believe that there are people still hungry for the Word of God. I believe that God creates that hunger. I was encouraged in this conviction this morning when I received a note from a couple who's been visiting Grace for the last few Sundays. They described moving here from the Fresno area and visiting several Central Coast churches, but not quite finding what they were looking for. They descibed what they are looking for in these words . . .
We want the pure, unadulterated Word of God. So now we're looking for a church home where the pastors/elders revere the Word of God and rightly handle it. This is our number 1 priority. We also want some good fellowship. We were quite involved in both prior churches and have similar hopes in a new church home as well.
I think they've come to right place!

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