Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gordon MacDonald on Haggard

This is an excellent and insightful commentary on the Haggard thing. . . .worth the read.

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: The Haggard Truth


Joe Pollon said...

The line that resonates with me is:

…...so much of my life is lived above the line….... that I can be excused this one little faux pas.

It is easy and tempting to focus on my good works and excuse my slips-and for those minor transgressions to be rationalized away while moving on to a greater faux pas.

“Greatness” can be achieved in many ways, but none more difficult, hidden and unappreciated as mastering oneself.

GDL Wong said...

Bravo for the author's perspective of extending biblical grace to Mr. Haggard. We do need to pray for the Haggard family.

Such a terrible reminder of:

1) The need to 'abide' in Jesus - on a daily basis to avail ourselves of his power and life.
2) There is no such thing as 'personal sin' - the consequences can be major.
3) Where would we be without Grace?
4) We're reminded we're still in a fallen world - praise God the articles of Heaven will be nothing but GOOD NEWS!

Brian Wong said...

Excellent commentary.