Monday, November 06, 2006


Tomorrow is election day and I wanted to again encourage you to get out there and vote. This is one way we can "not be overcome by evil, but work to overcome evil with good."

Nate Moss sent me the following email. I agree that it's very difficult to find accurate information. I confess that I have not yet had a chance to check out the resources that Nate recommends, but hope to do so in preparation for tomorrow. I like and trust Nate. I told him I would pass on the info to Life Together readers. Take it or leave it.

(Incidentally, I feel more comfortable offering this information via this blog than I do on Sunday mornings at church. For me, at least, when we gather for worship we are about other business . . . . business of another kingdom. I have the personal conviction that while the kingdoms of this world and the kingdom of God intersect with one another, we should also maintain a distinction between them. I know not everyone agrees with me on this one and you are free to share your own view here.)

Dear Tim,

I know you've been stressing elections and voting responsibilities for Christians. I think most Christians are not ignorant of this responsibility, but our system has made it very difficult to find accurate information on many people (particularly judges) and issues.

After doing much research, there is a conservative pro-life woman from Orange County who has put together one of the most comprehensive election pages I've seen. I thought I'd give this to you in case you want to put it on your blog or use it some other way.

Particularly good was her take on the judges. After doing some in-depth research many of the judges are pro-homosexual agenda or are anti-family. This lady summarized what I had already discovered about each candidate.




Matt Theule said...

This site gets all the propositions / bond measures right.

Tim Weaver said...

Thank you for the links to check out.

I went through the 'whats' of my ballot lst night, but I have been having a hard time getting a good source for the 'whos'.

Andy Gibson said...

Thanks for the source, Tim. It was nice to go through, even though it matched my sample ballot almost to a T. Pretty cut and dry, IMOP, but I'm just one man and one opinion. The site had most of the same positions as well.

I usually try to keep politics separate as well in regards to church, but here's my rant anyways...I just pray this state doesn't commit itself to blowing 10s of billions of dollars for lame (maybe only to me) reasons (read: transportation improvements?). Every election those idiots (politicians) want more money for the same thing we gave them money for during the last election that they squandered, just worded differently.

Which just leads to the ridiculous taxation that squeezes small businesses across state lines. End Rant.

Vote wisely. Pay attention to the last sentence that states the fiscal impact of the specific proposition. Think twice when you realize that not even Bill Gates could support it, financially.

Paula R said...

Thank you Tim and Matt for the links. I had completed all sections of my sample ballot except for the judicial one. I perfer to not cast a vote at all then to cast one out of ignorance. Thank you for the resources so I can do some research.
I second Andy's rant.

Josh Mock said...

Hmm... I hate to be critical, but it seems that if it's true that "Robyn has a passion for encouraging people to be intelligently involved in the political process" (source), she would be encouraging people to investigate the candidates for themselves as opposed to telling them how they should vote. I don't know enough about Robyn Nordell to trust her to tell me how to vote, even if she does tell us how she came to the conclusions she did for each vote.

Like I said, though, I hate to be critical. Her recommendations are probably fine. I'd just prefer a resource that gives a clear and unbiased picture of where each candidate stands on all important issues so I can decide for myself. That way I get the satisfaction of being more educated about politics and our government rather than just trusting someone else to make my decisions for me.

Andy Gibson said...

I hear you Josh, but you'll never find it. It will always be biased because people always have agendas, which is why it is just a (single) resource. You will have to ultimately weigh everything yourself after you've educated yourself; likely from multiple resources.