Wednesday, April 04, 2007

baby boom

Did you see today's Tribune article about 146 babies born at Sierra Vista in March. . . it's a new record.

San Luis Obispo Tribune 04/04/2007 A delivery-room boom

At least a couple of those were new gifts to our Grace family. And I understand our own baby boom is continuing. There are at least 11 women that we know of that are pregnant right now. Also, multiple families have come to me and shared their serious interest in adoption. The Early Childhood classrooms are nuts right now and only look to get fuller.

All the more reason to get this Annex Renewal done. This is about the continuing Biblical instruction of our children and outreach to our community.

One of the most encouraging things to me is the growing number of children in our worship services! And weren't those children's choirs precious last Sunday?

I thought we were bucking the trend of our community, but perhaps the baby boom is happening in our community as well.

Here at Grace, we want to be family supporting and equipping in all that we do.


andy gibson said...

Yes, the early childhood classrooms are nuts right and will be getting fuller.

With the growing numbers, we need parents and other members of the church to join us and serve. Whether it be teaching a sunday school class for 6th graders, or changing diapers in the nursery, bodies are needed.

If you go to Grace, pray about God potentially using you to support the Childrens Ministry, because the children are a blessing and will be the foundation of the church someday. If we don't have people to serve, the chances of losing childcare for special events (yet another chance for the childern to join together under God), etc. gets nearer.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but it takes us adults to equip the youngsters.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

You go, Andy! That's not a shameless plug, but a Biblical exhortation. You're spurring others on to love and good deeds. I should have included this exhortation in the post. . . Tim

Kristen Borland said...

yeah for growing families!!

Kristen Borland said...

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