Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Building on the Legacy Update

We are just a few short days away from our Building on the Legacy Celebration Pledge Banquet.

It's been both a challenging and encouraging week. We've had over 150 more sign-up for the banquet following last Sunday's worship service and message from 1 Chronicles 29. (Listen Here!)

Yesterday we were nearly maxed out at 525 dinner reservations, but we desperately needed some folks to help care for our 100 plus kids in childcare. So apparently someone went to some of our teenage young people and appealed to them to help. . . . .15 or so volunteered forego their banquet attendance to serve the church body in this way. That's living the Gospel! One of the many encouraging reports this week.

All that to say, our current reservations sit at 508, which means there are still 17 banquet seats available. Call the church office at 543.2358 if you still want to jump in. I expect we will fill up on or before Sunday.

One couple I talked to said, "To be honest, I'm looking forward to the free babysitting more than anything else..." It's all part of the celebration!

One of our elders thought about our $2M goal in these terms. . . .

I’m standing and kneeling with you and the gang on the BOTL this week.

I keep thinking about what we always discussed, the pressure is OFF of US and ON the Lord to accomplish His purpose in the hearts of His flock. I am giddy with excitement to see what God will do this weekend.

Just think IF, 500 people pledged 4,000 or approx $120/mo we would raise $2M.
I think that's an interesting way to think about it! Some will give more than $120/mo. Some will give less. All will give to the Lord.

Here's that funny Annex Renewal video for your Wednesday enjoyment. . . .

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