Thursday, April 19, 2007

Encouraging Email of the Week

At the end of every round of Growth Groups, we give participants an opportunity to fill out an evaluation and tell us about their experience. This woman couldn't get the eval to work, so she sent an email instead. I'm so glad she did. Made my week. This what Growth Groups at Grace are all about . . . Connecting, Growing, Welcoming. Growth Groups are helping new folks enter in to life together at Grace. Hope you're involved. . . She's right, this is how I "would like to see our church."

I’ll just tell you how it was. I really enjoyed it learned a lot and was welcomed by all. Peter and Amy K. ran the group and they did a great job. Peter let those of us talk when we needed and listen when we needed. As a new person to growth groups I was a bit worried how it would be with me not knowing as much as others relating to knowledge of the bible. The folks in my group were accepting friendly and supportive. We ranged in ages from college students to young and older married couples. I did sign up for another growth group and when I spoke about it to my group they welcomed me back with open friendly arms. I now have chosen to stay with this group one more session, for I feel I need to continue my learning of the gospel and I need the support of those I have had before to help me through some trying times(I need the stability of the group). I see this group as how Pastor Tim would like to see our church. The group opened up to someone new, welcomed me easily, included me and supported me and did not place judgment on how I felt about things, They gave input, suggestions and loving support. It was a totally positive experience and I’m glad I did it.

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