Wednesday, August 01, 2007

listener feedback . . .

A few weeks back I received not one, but two pieces of feedback related to our unseen and oft forgotten radio ministry. It moved me that these folks would take the time to encourage my heart. Isn't it cool to know that God's Word is sounding forth over the radio waves every Saturday (6:00 PM, last week's message) and Sunday (11:00, same day message)? Many thanks to Jon Fugler for making that possible. I think he has to run over to the station sometimes, if I'm droning on. He never complains.

Here they are for your enjoyment and encouragement too . . . Names have been removed to protect the innocent and the shy.

The first was from a couple who couldn't make it to the service one Sunday . . .

Dear Pastor Tim,

My husband and I would like to thank you for your beautiful sermon today. We always enjoy your sermons and your dedication to God's scriptures. We thought today's was especially eloquent. We actually didn't make it to the service, but we tuned into the AM station to listen to the sermon. It was wonderful to sit at home and still be able to listen. God's words were just what my heart needed to hear today. Actually, they are always what my heart needs to hear and I'm so glad that I didn't miss them today. Again, thank you for your dedication and passion for the Word of God. God's love transfers through your sermons over the radio just as clearly as it does through the church building.

I am very touched by the scripture from Luke describing God's love for each sparrow and our great value over them. I love that our hairs are numbered!! The idea is amazing, but I should not be surprised at God's infinite detail. He made our every cell along with everything we see around us. Your presentation of these ideas was utterly poetic. Thank you so much for sharing it.

We are very glad that God has blessed us with Grace Church.
We hope to see you at next Sunday's service.

blank & blank

p.s. Thanks also for reminding us that we are to be good stewards of this beautiful earth. God has given us so much and we should treat it with gratitude and care. No complaints in this email!

The Second was from a dear shut in couple who is never able to come to the services.
Dear Pastor:

The broadcast of the Sunday Morning Service has been a blessing! Folks who are often unable to attend services, especially we seniors, now have the opportunity to worship with our "church family" and receive a spiritual uplift. Perhaps in the future you will be able to expand to include the communion service when you have it, making our experience even more complete.

Our personal thanks to you, Pastor Tim, for your offer of a visit and a desire to be of help. At present, the Lord is meeting our needs abundantly through friends such as Florence Touryan, Edna Mote, Betty Coslett and other friends and neighbors.

We have a Great God! He is in control! Our current situation has shown us just how great He is and how carefully He watches over His own.

God be with you, Pastor Tim, and may you experience increasing joy as you climb up closer and closer to Him. Your are in our prayers. . .

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