Thursday, August 02, 2007

1011 Pacific

Beloved Family of Grace,

If you were here last Sunday morning, you heard the surprising news that the Lord has providentially provided an opportunity for us to purchase one of five identified KEY properties: 1011 Pacific Street (the red brick building behind us, 2nd from the corner, see attached picture). In God's perfect plan, the property sort of unexpectedly landed in our lap even before it was officially listed. Thankfully, we had the right people in the right places at just the right time. On Wednesday, July 18, an offer was agreed upon and the property was placed in escrow.

It is arguably the most strategic of the five KEY properties and opens up some exciting current and future possibilities for Grace. Our leadership has seen God's provision as a definitive sign that God is not yet finished with His work through Grace, but is preparing us for an exciting future. As we move forward, our aim is to seek the Lord together as we strive to balance both SHORT RANGE MINISTRY NEEDS and LONG RANGE MINISTRY VISION.

At present, our vision and desire moving forward is threefold:

1. To complete the purchase of 1011 Pacific.

2. To renew the Annex as planned, but in a slightly downsized form.

3. To prayerfully plan and position ourselves for the next property should it become available.
To this end, we are inviting you to join us for a Special Congregation Meeting this Sunday, August 5th at 6:00 in the Ministry Center so we can share all the details, our Elder's recommendations, and invite your feedback. Your involvement and participation in this process is critical. The decisions we make by faith in these days, will impact our ministry for years to come. Our leadership is seeking your affirmation and engagement as we try and discern the Lord's will and direction together. I know that we're right in the middle of these busy summer months, but still I want to urge you to make every effort to attend this vital meeting.

I hope to see you there. Between now and then, praise the Lord for His faithful provision and plan. He knows the plans He has for us! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Because of and for the Gospel,

Pastor Tim

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Jacquelyn said...

WOW!! I guess I've been out of town/taking care of sick kids for awhile. PTL! Thanks for posting the pictures!!