Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jr. Day Camp

I need to keep blogging just to keep sharing all the stories of God at work in our midst. I want what I share to fuel your joy. Most at Grace only see a small sliver of all that's happening around here. For example . . .

Jr. Day Camp happened a couple weeks back. Dori, our Children's Ministry Director, put together an awesome week of instruction, discipleship and fun. Pastor Ken, Pastor Steve and I shared teaching duties, but the key to the whole week was our youth and college staff. What an amazing group of young people who are investing their lives in these up-and-coming younger students.

Check out the Jr. Day Camp Photo Album!

On Monday I went to the Mustang Waterslides with the group and I was so blown away at the dynamics between the older leaders and the younger kids. My daughter Sage was far more interested in hanging out with her leader than she was hanging out with her fuddy, duddy dad. (It was a bit of a shock. I thought I was so hip and cool. Not any more.)

It was a powerful week! Dori reports that 8 trusted Christ for the first time and 3 recommitted their lives to walk with the Lord.

Dori passed on this awesome note to our pastoral staff. . . .

Hi Dori
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all the work you did for jr. day camp.

My son and his friend had such a wonderful week. The field trips were amazing, but even more important was the service project where they got such a feeling of accomplishment. It really made an impact on them to be a part of the community and help out.

My son left this camp really feeling connected to the group and his counselors his thought now is that "Christians are cool and I want to be like that when I'm bigger" This to me was huge! What a great time in their lives to get these kids connected and not afraid to stand up in their faith because they know they are part of a united group.

On Sunday my son saw all his counselors and they were so excited to see each other!. These young adults made him feel so welcome. Not like he were some pesky kid hanging around, but that they were truly happy to see him. Cameron's smile was huge as he sensed their genuine interest in him.

Also the bible stories stuck with him and he was able to tell me whole stories(something that is usually pretty difficult for him). The pastors were a huge influence!

Thanks so much again Dori for letting God use you in this powerful way in helping to change the live of these kids. I appreciate it more than words can say!!
God bless you and have a great Monday.

I really appreciate Dori, too, and all the Jr. Day Camp Staff who gave their lives so others might know and grow. This is what its all about!

This Fall at Grace, find a place to give it away! Remember, everybody plays!

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