Monday, July 13, 2009

Gibson Girls

Got to swing by, see and hold Jillian and Lucy Gibson yesterday after church, born earlier that morning around 6:15. One of the many blessings of pastoral ministry is holding and praying for these little gifts. I don't get to the hospital every time, but I sure try.

Mom is recovering after a long labor, but seems to be doing well. As I picked one up, I immediately saw the challenge of trying to pick the other one up at the same time. So fun, but obviously an aweful lot of work in front of these guys, too.


Mama Mote said...

So jealous!!!! They are cuties, though, huh? Can't wait to meet them.

Sugar Plum said...

The girls are super cute!! Way to go J.. you're a rock star after all that!!! b

Joanie said...

Yay! Long awaited-for pictures of the Gibson Girls!!!

Keep them in your prayers - they are still going through A LOT.