Tuesday, July 14, 2009

let's try this again . . .

Deb Weeks, our Women's Ministry Director, was kind enough to inform me that the article links in yesterday's God is Back post were broken.

Does that mean, the rest of you didn't even try to read those articles?

Come on! You've got to tell me these things, if you see them. I need your help here . . . . . :)

So not only were the links in the original post fixed, but here here are those links again at the top of the stream for your easy access and reading pleasure!

  • Ready to Compete is an interview with two non-believing editors from the Economist
  • The Sixth Wind is a broader survey of the evangelical and athiest landscapes . . .

1 comment:

ryan.leslie said...

Yes, I did look for the articles and found them. I just copied and pasted the article title into the search window and Voila! I then made a short cut and placed it on my desk top so I can read it at a better time (like during the heat of the day when it is too hot to be working outside).

Thanks for bringing these articles to our attention.

Leslie Ryan