Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hazard's Canyon & Santa Margarita Lake

I had a chance to sneak out and surf Hazard's Canyon in Montana De Oro this morning. Low to mid-tide, glassy, just over head high and a light crowd. Beautiful, but its been a while and I was dogging. Good to catch a few. I need it! (I'll blog about the surfing as a spiritual experience another time.)

Later in the morning, we all piled in the car with a picnic lunch and headed up to Santa Margarita Lake, just up the Cuesta Grade. I had heard about it and wanted to see it. I had to sell the rest of the family on the idea. We found a quiet park on the south side near "Kid's Cove" where we played soccer, wiffle ball and had lunch. (You should see Susie whack a wiffle ball!) Fun stuff. A good time had by all. Neat place, but no swimming in the lake is allowed. The Central Coast has so much to do and see.

Each weekend, the Theule's try and set aside a half day for "Family Time." We'd love your suggestions for "family time" activities or places to visit here on the Central Coast. Got any ideas?


Missy Grant said...

Hi Tim - I've been out of town and just saw your blog on Margarita Lake. Next year (maybe this year if the rain holds) David and I will take your family out to Grant Valley and Grant Lake off of Bitterwater Road. Yes, you can find it on all maps by following 41 east and looking for Cholame. Bitterwater Road is to the right. This area is named for his family as his great grandfather was a homesteader in this area. The wildflowers are breathtaking! At this time of year it is nothing but green rolling hills and all the colors one can imagine. A great picnic experience. It is also where David proposed to me....on top of a hill in "God's Country".

Christal Alderton said...

Avila valley barn...has good food and fun farm animals for the kids! I think it starts back up in the summer, it is a fun time for all ages...and it's so close to the beach! also, the natural history museum in morro bay is fun for the kids as well!

Josh Mock said...

A personal favorite of mine is Terrace Hill. It's a 5 minute hike, but when you get to the top you get a beautiful view of San Luis, Madonna Mountain and Bishop's Peak. (Click here to see a picture I took up there last week.) It's also flat on top so it's a great spot for a picnic and for the kids to explore around.

BOB ECKMAN said...

1. Lopez Lake...water slides, camping, boat rentals, hiking, picnics, etc.
2. Cambria...Moonstone Beach Boardwalk...walk along the ocean, easy access to the beach, strollers work well along the boardwalk. Cambria is a nice little town. Good for a date with your wife.
3. San Simeon State Park and beach. Quiet beach that accomadates families very well. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the pier, beach, kayaking, etc.
4. Just north of San Simeon on Highway 1. Elephant seals on the beach. Best time to view is in the winter and early spring. The beach is packed with them. Large males down to small pups. Look for the large parking area about 5 miles north of Hearst Castle. Has easy access for stroller, a boardwalk to view. There is a light house a little furthur up the road as well.
Have fun!!!

Rick Brady said...

Ahh... Hazards... I remember it well... I miss that break.

Hmm... Central Coast spots? How about more to the south? You could try a trip to Solvang if you like tourists, Casmalia if you like hazardous waste (and good food at the Hitching Post -, but if I had my pick, I'd head to Jalama with my family (oh, and board).

bob eckman said...

Thought of a couple more.
Atascadero Zoo. Good place for the kids. Afterward, you can picnic in the Atascadero Park. You can rent paddle boats also and cruise the lake.
4TH of July. We have a great home town parade here in Templeton. Great for the family. Templeton park usually has activities on the 4th as well as music in the park throughout the summer in the evenings.

Suzette Lyons said...

The Elfin Forest in Los Osos is really fun. There is a self-guided tour pamphlet at the start. There is a board walk the entire trail for strollers. Make sure to stop under the miniature oaks for lunch or a story. We made little telescopes out of paper towel rolls and crayons. The kids had fun looking through them at the birds over the back bay. There are no public restrooms though.

Poly Canyon is nice for a picnic. This time of year is also great for going out to Cal Poly to see the new babies. The piglets, calves and foals are really cute. Also, you can have lunch in the gardens made by students for their senior projects. These are right off of the horse unit. Get a map and directions at the information center off of Grand Ave.