Monday, April 18, 2005

Steve Leonard Feedback

Many here at Grace, SLO had an opportunity to meet our Adult Ministries Pastor candidate, Steve Leonard, in Growth Groups and/or to hear him teach in the College Ministry this last Sunday. Between now and the Elder's meeting on Thursday, we are inviting you to share your thoughts, comments and feedback about Steve. You are welcome to leave comments here at "life together" or email me directly. I have heard only positive feedback thus far. Steve and Lisa are excited about the possibilities of serving the Lord and His people here at Grace!


Christal Alderton said...

We (the college leaders) had the awesome opportunity of having lunch with Steve and Lisa with their kids yesterday. We also got to hear him teach that morning, which was an awesome experience for me. Him and his family are amazing, and his vision is fit for Grace church. I think he is one of the best fit canidates for the job!

Brian Wong said...

I left my comments about him on the previous post.