Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Recommendation: World Magazine

Perhaps you've noticed on the list of "Other Blogs and Sites" on the right, the link to World Magazine Blog.

World Magazine is a weekly news periodical (ala Time, Newsweek) published from the perspective of a Biblical worldview. They also publish a blog. I subscribe and read World Magazine and recommend both the mag and blog to you. I just read this article about the value of classical music in this week's issue and discovered it was available online. Check it out. . .

Timeless Music

What style music do you listen to?

Sadly, I have no formal music training, but have learned to enjoy a wide range of styles, including classical. I have been pleasantly surprised at the availability of live classical music here on the Central Coast.

By the way. . . .Grace Church, SLO is privileged to be hosting a couple of events of this summer's 35th Annual San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival. (Unfortunately, these events are a bit pricey!) This is one more way we are trying use our facilities to serve our community. After all, music is God's thing!

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Josh Mock said...

Just seeing an entry on here concerning music makes me smile, as music is a great passion of mine.

I read the interview, and it definitely encouraged me to expand my musical knowledge of classical composers. The only thing I didn't necessarily agree with was Kavanaugh's calling classical "the greatest music ever written." That statement alone made it a little more difficult to take his words in all seriousness, because nobody can declaratively state that any genre of music is the "greatest." Even if he had meant that as an opinion, he should have made that more clear.

It is also worth stating that there are a number of modern artists whose music shows a strong leaning towards classical music. Bands such as Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Extol not only hint at classical music in their own, but implement it as a necessary part of their own sound, yet they remain in the "popular music" side of the spectrum.