Monday, August 14, 2006

attention windows users (UPDATED)

Update: Never mind, my cousin Matt was kind enough to fix my messy html. Should be all fixed.

I've been informed that you windows users can't see the four sweet icons along the right side of this page (grace logo, ipod, headphones and rolodex) . . . is that right?

What's up with that? I can't figure this one out.


Anonymous said...

I'm using Windows XP with Firefox and it works fine. If someone can't see the images it is probably a browser issue not an operating system issue.

Matt Theule said...

It is not Windows, it is Internet Explorer. Using Windows XP, I can see the 'four sweet icons' with FireFox, but I cannot see them with Internet Explorer.

Your HTML is missing a closing bracket on the opening anchor tag of each of your list items. When you add the '>' to the anchor tag, the image magically appears.

Internet Explorer is being strict about the HTML, while FireFox (and I assume Safari on the Mac) are letting you 'get away with' the error in the HTML.

If this is unclear contact me directly and I'll walk you through making the changes.

Andy Gibson said...

Anon and Matt are right on. IE stinks and is unsecure, so it's a good reason for life together viewers to start using Firefox. It is more secure, and doesn't allow popups. Just better, IMOP. As for the details Matt speaks of, strict or not, I'm an Aero engineer, not computer.

And Tim, you use a sad. You'll have to earn some brownie points back in my book :). All Hail PCs.