Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the pursuit of happiness

Do you ever read that Woman to Woman feature in the Voices section of the Tribune? I think it shows up once a week or so. Two women face off on some random contemporary issue. Diane Class describes herself as a freethinker and Shaunti Feldhahn describes herself as a conservative Christian. Both have degrees from Harvard.

Anyway, this week's face off was on the "pursuit of happiness."

Tribune doesn't post this type of thing online, but I found it elsewhere here. . . .

Is the "pursuit of happiness" just an American dream?

Mrs. Glass describes religious belief as a mass opiate along the lines of overeating and and anti depressants. She argues that our state of happiness is biologically predetermined and therefore happiness is a questionable pursuit altogether.

Mrs. Feldhahn references joy as a deeper, less circumstance-driven version of happiness. She argues that happiness is a choice and that the practice of religion can contribute to feelings of happiness. She quotes a 2006 Pew Research study that showed that 43% of people who regularly attend religious services are "very happy" compared to 26% of those who rarely do. But Feldhahn, in my opinion, oversimplifies Paul's Gospel-centered joy in Philippians as "choose to focus on the positive, and your feelings will follow."

Is the secret of Paul's contentment really only "thinking happy thoughts?"

What are your thoughts? How's your own pursuit of happiness going?

(At the link above, I found it very interesting and intriguing to also read the comments below the article. How sarcastic and cutting people can be!)


Tim Weaver said...

I think that the biggest keys to happiness are thankfulness and hope. When we humble ourselve to realize that all we have is a gift from God, it brings joy. Knowing that whether the circumstances are to our liking or not God is using this for and eternally good purpose in our lives is a huge comfort and encouragment.

My pursuit of happiness follows the target of my thoughts.

In Colosians, the Lord tells us to set our affections (direct our thoughts) on things above where Christ sits. When Christ is in view, I have hope (that all will work for good), I see that in all that is happening in my life, my Savior is with me, and I'm thankful for things that the Lord has done for me and provided for me.

My frustrations and discontentment come when I'm thinking about me, myself, and I (the anti-trinity), what I 'deserve', and what I think that I should be achiving or recognized for.

I guess if you want to call walking with Christ an opiate, then I'm an addict. A nice side affect to being saved from hell.

Dave McShea said...

I do believe that you can choose the atitude that you wil face circumstances. I tell my son Timothy regularly that we cannot always choose the circumstances we face but we can choose the atittude that we face them with.

But atitude is not real happiness. You can have a happy face but not be happy. You can have a joyful atittude but not have joy.

I think Tim Weaver is right that hope is the root of our joy, and thankfulness can express our happiness. But I think the thing that is needed most for happiness in this day and age is contentment.

I see so many people who are unhappy because the want what they think will make them happy. That want makes them miserable until they get it. Then when they get it, guess what, they still are not happy. They need just a little bit more.

This past summer at the Grace Family Camp on Sunday night was a GREAT message on the topic of contentment. If you were not there, listen to it on the web site. I think what the speaker shared were some real practical steps to true happiness. We will never be happy here on earth until we learn to be content with whatever the Lord provides, and then as Tim W. said give thanks.

We can always hold out hope for the joy we will have for eternity, but to have happiness here on earth we must learn to be content.

Erika McGuire said...

Ceratinly we seem to be created with certain desires and longings that are innate. When we are doing what God has told us to do, like love one another(so many commands require a relationship to fulfill), I believe we will be happier, in part, because we are created to be relational beings. However, our deepest desires for happiness are fulfilled with mere reflections of the "real deal" this side of heaven.

Brianna Heldt said...

I really don't think the secret to Paul's contentment was just "thinking happy thoughts" and I think the idea that "happiness is a choice", while true some of the time, can potentially gloss over real suffering and pain. I do agree with the idea that, even in tough circumstances, the hope we have in Christ can bring us contentment and even joy. I am reminded of Betsy and Corrie Ten Boom during the Holocaust.

The pursuit of happiness is probably the main goal of most Americans and yet overall we find ourselves discontented and still wanting bigger and better. (My guess is that it's partially the result of livng in a materialistic society, where many of us live in relative affluence--which interestingly is a gift from God.) All too often I think my underlying goal in life is to "be happy" all the time, but I know that is not God's number one hope for me--He wants to make me more like Christ and to use me, and certainly happiness will come along the way, but should probably not be the goal in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

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Andy Gibson said...