Monday, August 28, 2006

mixed bag

Even as we anticipate the delightful onslaught of college students in just a couple of weeks, we continue to say good bye to others who are moving out and on to life beyond SLO.

Cameron Carter and Amy Schultz both took the time to stop me on campus yesterday and let me know that yesterday would be their last Sunday with us. They both were so appreciative of our ministry and shared how much they were going to miss Grace Church. It was, once again, a reminder to me that we need to keep doing what we're doing in the area of integrating college students into the life of the church. God is at work in and through these efforts!

Amy handed me a WF tab with this note on it:

Thank you for being my church family during my time at Cal Poly. Everyone has been encouraging and I will miss the leaders dearly. I pray that I'll find a church like Grace wherever my career takes me. Thank you & God bless!
Today, shoot up a "flare prayer" for Amy, Cameron and the many others who have gone out from us this year. Pray, also, that the Lord would prepare us for the "white and ripe fields of harvest" that He'll bring to us in just a couple of weeks. . . .that He would give us enlarge our hearts and capacity to welcome, serve and reach out.

It's going to be exciting. . . Tim

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Christal said...

I second Amy's comment. I'm in the middle of the church search and am missing Grace!!!