Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina: One Year Later

Robbin Mote returned from Guatemala. Brian Wong got back from China. Rona Lee left for Spain. In addition to all these comings and goings, the Grace New Orleans team went and returned to the Katrina impact zone to come along side Trinity Christian Community. It sounds like it was a great trip. Check out some of Pastor Steve's reflections at . . .

the source

Also, here's a World Mag cover story entitled Katrina: One Year Later which will add a complementary perspective.

The Christians are showing up. The Gospel is being lived. God is being glorified through tragedy.

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Lara Laity said...

Hey Grace Church! I don't know if you all know, but Darin and I just moved to Gulfport, MS. Which is the town on the other side of the eye of Katrina. The house we are living in had 5 feet of water in it. Our neighbor right behind us rode out the storm by floating in flood waters and hanging on to her roof. Can you imagine?
Pastor Steve is absolutely right. First, the rebuilding process is just barely getting started. A countless number of homes and business are still distroyed or just missing with only a foundation left. Second, the church is the one who is showing up to rebuild. It is amazing. The church we just started to attend, First Presbyterian Church, Gulfport created Camp Hope after the storm with the sole purpose of rebuild homes. Volunteers have come from all over the country and even Canada. They had 5 homes rebuilt before Christmas last year! Check it out: www.thegulfportproject.com
I can't help but praise the Lord for the beauty He brings out of distruction as the community is blessed through His Church.