Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too Much Time on Their Hands

The Youth Ministry team is at it again. Check out these hilarious video shorts intended to promote the upcoming Fall Forward getaway.


Missy Grant said...

Oh stomach hurts from laughing. Very well done. My son says you need to post the one they put together for Jr. Day camp. Thanks for posting these!


GDL Wong said...

Great job by these guys...hilarious.

Loved it!!!

Kevin Heldt said...

Too much time on their hands?!! No way! How on earth could there be a better use for their time than those fantastic videos?! You guys, that was awesome and Josh, you are seriously very talented. Loved the recycled blind date one -- Sharon deserves an Oscar for the comic delivery of her lines. Loved the fence/eyepoke idea and that it cements the dates in your mind. The video editing on the rejected ideas one was superbly well-done (8:30...) and Eric, I gotta say I'm with you -- they shouldn't have shot down Mr. Roboto. "Anthem of our generation" -- classic. Great work you guys.

Thanks for the link Tim. (I say we show them in church on Sunday during announcements!)

Andy Gibson said...

Geez, sounds like we need to put our youth to work if they have that much time on their hands!

I might have room for some interns!

Good videos, they were fun. My favorite was the Fence. That was just awesome.

Anonymous said...

I found the videos juvenile and ofFENCEive.

Josh Ernstrom said...

Thanks for all the great comments! As far as too much's more like not enough sleep. :)

Check back after Fall Forward to see the team videos. They're a little longer and way better than these promos.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Brian Wong said...

Oh my gosh! Those videos were hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. My stomach hurts. That creative team deserves mad props for all the work they put into those videos.