Monday, February 19, 2007

22 week old Amilla

Nate Moss sent me this article about little Amillia, a premature baby only 22 weeks old and only 10 oz who survived.

Born at Less that 22 weeks!

I liked the way the short article ended . . .

Amillia's incredible story will reignite the debate over Britain's abortion laws, which campaigners say must be updated in the light of recent medical advances.

Babies can still be aborted for non-medical reasons at up to 24 weeks. Recent evidence shows that, of those born at 25 weeks, half of them manage to live.

Lets not just update those laws, but eliminate them!


Suzette Lyons said...

I love it. What an amazing miracle.

May God bless and use little Amillia's life for His glory.

Jeannett Gibson said...

I cannot IMAGINE aborting at 24 weeks! Not that I can imagine it at any time, but by then, you're showing, and you can feel little bumps and movement in your belly. It's unfathomable to think of sucking that little thing out of you and killing it. I can see how it would be easier to do in the first few weeks of pregnancy because it doesn't quite seem real and you probably don't look or feel pregnant...but I'm always shocked at 2nd trimester abortions. So sad.

It's ironic that the medical community is finding more and more support for the "life begins at conception" side of the debate, yet continue to believe that abortions should be performed for "choice's" sake. If this were any other less political topic, they would be changing their views and practices. It's amazing how even when faced with proof, politics wins out. Hopefully not for long...

Matt Theule said...

This article from a local Miami television station has some other interesting details :
- The baby was in vitro so the exact conception date was known
- The medical standard is not to attempt any resucitation of a 22-week old baby. So the mom lied about the baby's term.
- One of the doctors gives 'partial' credit to a 'higher power' for this miracle.


bryan said...

tim, i had heard about that baby.....but HOLY SMOKES!!! i can't believe how small those feets are.!!

Ryan MacConnell said...

This is such a miracle and such a reminder of how God has been faithful to my family. 22 years ago my twin sister and I were born at 28 weeks. I weighed 2 lbs 12 oz and she was a little smaller at 2 lbs 8 oz. Medical technology wasn't what it is today and our birth was the start of a 3 month stay in the hospital before we were ready to be release.

Yes it was very scary for my parents but God looked over both my sister and I and neither of us have had major medical problems since our release.

As Tim said, we need to get these laws removed because God is prepared to use these little ones in great ways.

God Bless,