Monday, February 12, 2007

Friesen Audio Now Posted!

Last night's marriage seminar, with Paul and Virginia Friesen, about how to maintain the romance of your marriage was oustanding. . . . funny, Biblical, challenging, encouraging and very practical.

The audio is now posted on-line at...

If you missed it, would you please take the time to listen to it?

We had a good turn-out, but I wish every married couple and those who someday hope to be married would listen to this material.

We are living in a day when the institution of marriage is being consistently undermined and compromised. Here at Grace, we want to do more marriage enrichment stuff since marriage is the foundation of the family which is the building block of a community. Marriage and family are God's things. When we commit ourselves and submit ourselves to his design, we experience the delight and blessings that He intends.

If you were there, post a comment with one take-away from the lecture to encourage others to listen to this good stuff.


Kevin Heldt said...

The seminar was WONDERFUL! And I don't pass out that kind of high praise lightly. So insightful and so encouraging. And humbling and convicting as well. I could share many takeaways but I'll just choose one. It's maybe the simplest, most basic truth about marriage: they are no longer two but one. It is so easy to lose sight of that in the day-to-day and fall into a kind of "his needs/her needs" outlook. But Jesus really belabors this point and we need to hang on to it.

If you weren't able to make it, please do take the time to listen. I think the church needs more instruction in these real, "where life is lived" areas.

And seriously, if they ever get sick of the marriage and family thing, they could just transition to stand-up. It was really funny.

Lisa and Colin Lewis said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Kevin. Colin and I laughed so hard at the orderly/creative images of God that we were created in; and cried at the recognition of our unrealistic demands on one another. Really fun and really challenging. Loved it! Thanks to the Theules for arranging this and to the Friesens for obeying God has He has led them through the years!

Christina said...

My husband and I came from North County to hear this seminar and it was well worth the drive!

What I appreciated about Paul and Virginia's talk were the stories. Instead of being "filler" they were stories with a purpose that really drove the point home. Sometimes an idea that is hard to fully grasp is best illustrated and remembered this way.

Paul's story at the end of session 2 about how his friend chose to point out the "best" in the way he introduced Paul was a great visual for me in how to show (or not show) respect to my husband.

I linked the message to my blog @

Suzette Lyons said...

I can't say anything better than what is already posted but...

I did love the "He Said - She Said" point of view. It allowed them to really take on difficult to discuss issues and give a full descrition that no man or woman could do alone.

There was a couple of times that I looked at Wayne and said "Did he really say THAT?!" One was about the eighty year old couple who just loved Paul's talk on physical intimacy. Our society tends to think it is only for the young. My kids say people who are old (say thiry and older) should not hold hands or kiss in public as it is "GROSS". I will remember this story and laugh next time they go on about it.