Thursday, July 19, 2007

GSN #2 and Hume Lake pics on Flickr.

The church that has fun together, stays together. Or something like that. . . .

Our 2nd Grace Summer Night at Port San Luis was going off! Many thanks to the Youth Board for letting us crash their party and for hosting an incredible evening of food, fun and fellowship. There had to be at least 400 there. Rockin' ! And the Lord provided a warm, beautiful evening!

This picture says it all! Have I told you how much I like s'mores? With almond chocloate bars or Peanut Butter Cups. When we lived in San Clemente, we used to do an informal family beach night every Tuesday during the Summer. I would get so used to my weekly s'more fix that when the summer was over, I would make them over our gas stove.

We've posted 27 pics from last night on the Grace Flickr site and we're looking for more. Click here to view the slideshow.

Also, we just uploaded nearly 200 pics from last week's Hume Lake trip. Click here to view that slideshow.


Brianna Heldt said...

Boy don't I look great...truly unfortunate having your picture taken when you don't know it...yuck! (Those Grace photographers are seriously like the paparazzi or something.)

Tim we found a pile of stuff at the beach that I think belongs to you guys: some sweatshirts, a tshirt, and--gasp--a Harry Potter book! The truth is out now. Heehee! :) (We'll bring it to church for you on Sunday. I tried emailing you but yeah, my emails to graceslo accounts can't seem to get through!)

lindsey cheney said...

brianna - i have the same problems with emails to grace, so i switched email services and it works now. i think its satan attacking thru he computers!

tim - i totally miss tuesdays at san-o. those were good times, definitely great memories. and i, too, have spent many nights over the flames of the stove to make peanut butter cup s'mores - the best!

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Not our stuff. We'd never let our kids read that evil garbage. Just kidding. Sage is not quite old enough for some of the content of H.P., so I don't think its our stuff, but thank you. Bring it next Wednesday and we'll find out who it belongs to.

Brianna Heldt said...

haha! one of the sweatshirts is from the campus by the sea camp and says "theule" on the tag, which is why we assumed it was yours. the rest of the stuff must've somehow ended up in the same pile.