Monday, July 02, 2007

LT Conversation: "The Centrality of the Gospel"
now available

We've posted our second Life Together Conversation. Our topic in this edition is "The Centrality of the Gospel."

Listen up and then leave us some feedback. . . .


Brian Wong said...

Wow, that was quick. I'll have to give it a listen when I have some time.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Tim & Steve - YOU GUYS ROCK!

I thank God for your faithfulness. Keep driving the Gospel deep into our hearts. Preach it in season and out of season. Don't let up! Your leadership is solid because you lead with the banner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - He alone is our solid foundation. He alone is immovable.

I am so excited! I have never been part of a church where the pastor’s are truly willing to suffer for the gospel. What an awesome privilege to partner with Grace. Thank you so much for your preparation with these audio messages. Praise God!

-Allen Peek