Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Pat Little Band

In Sunday's message, we looked at Psalm 1 and talked about meditating and delighting on God's Word. Listen now. . .

One of the best ways to do that is, as Pastor Al illustrated the week before, is through music. Just as Oingo Boingo's "Who do you want to be today?" has been sadly embedded in my heart for 20 years, God's Word can be embedded in our hearts through music.

So yesterday afternoon I was trying to practice my preaching on my run up and down up Bishop's Peak (thats right, RUN! . . . . up and down in an hour. . . hurt so bad, but felt so good). I listened to the new CD from The Pat Little Band, who all attend Grace.

Good stuff! So God-centered. So Biblically based. Delight and meditation on Scripture if you ask me.

They've made 4 or 5 songs available on their my space page at . . .


This summer, Pat and the boyz are leading worship for the Ponderosa High School camp up at Mount Hermon. I hear from Pastor Al that they are locked in to lead this year's Fall Kick Off service on Sunday, September 16.

Click over, listen up and leave them an encouraging comment. . . . let them know I sent you.


Anonymous said...

Your not braggin' about your physical abilities again, are you Pastor Tim?

Pastor Tim Theule said...

not braggin', just rejoicing that I'm off my behind. . . its been a long time since I've exercised regularly and been anywhere close to being able to run up Bishop's.

Every workout is a battle to carve out and a battle to endure.

I'm sure I'm not alone. Join me.

I just turned 39. I want to be running B.P. with all four of my kids when they're big enough to do so.

Ain't gonna happen, if I don't start somewhere.

Phillip Moses said...

Oh man... I just got off my duff for the first time in a while and played racquetball with Travis Hasson and Dave Cumberland.

I think I have to resign myself that physical fitness isn't free. It's going to cost money and time - both of which are very precious commodities when you are a parent.