Monday, July 09, 2007

New Blog: Arijaan Bulk

Arijaan Bulk, one of my Dutch and Christian sisters, has started a blog. You'll have to click over and discover why she has titled it. . .

No Fool

Arijaan is one of our graduated college students, sticking around next year to serve as an intern with Campus Crusade at Cal Poly. She's raising support and would appreciate financial partners!

If you've met Arijaan, then you've encountered her bright smile and encouragement.


Arijaan Bulk said...
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Arijaan Bulk said...

Thanks Pastor Tim - I really appreciate it! After all, you're the one I have to blame/thank :) for introducing me to the wonders of blogging in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Pastor TIM ~
GOD bless you for the link to her web site, and for the photograph of our lovely missionary, ARIJAAN!
May JESUS be exaulted through Arijaan's ministry on Cuesta and C.P. campuses! To HIM be all the glory!
~ ~ THANK YOU, Pastor TIM!
~ ~ Amy ~ Lynne