Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost is found

It's been a long, long time, but Lost is back tonight. I know a few of you have caught up and are ready for season 4. A fun little escape. We are gathering with friends for the season premiere.

Here's the trailer for tonight. . . .

If you're still a hold out, here's an 8 minute 15 second summary of seasons 1-3 that may peak your interest and suck you in . . .

I know some of you think I'm joshing when I suggest that Lost is a type and shadow of life with lots of Gospel implications, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Roy said...

An example please!

Erik said...

There's a whole book about it. Copy this into your browser to check it out.

Just a couple examples from it:
- The selfish bent of human nature
- The darkness of evil
- The hunger people have for acceptance and success
- The realization of our need for God
- The hope for a positive future

Roy said...

Thanks Erik!

Pastor Tim Theule said...

And I didn't even know there was a book!

Art always reflects culture, ideas and humanity's nature, deepest needs and desires.