Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thinking about the Sanctity of Life, #5

Here's another awesome article that will make you think about the stewardship and unintended consequences of reproductive technologies . . .

Noah and the Flood

HT: Kevin Heldt, who informed me this was Colson's Breakpoint this morning.

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Jeannett Gibson said...

I remember vividly sitting in a crowded TGI Friday's in Oceanside having lunch when Scott Peterson's guilty verdict was announced. The entire restaurant burst out in cheers and claps...strangers high fiving each other as if it were the Super Bowl.

What resonated with me most was that he was convicted of TWO murders. That of his wife Lacey, and his unborn son, Connor. How was it that the same judicial system can convict Scott Peterson of murder of a "fetus"...and yet, allow late term abortions? I was certain that it would only be a matter of hours before Pro-Choice organizations were up in arms over the verdict. But curiously, they were silent. Oh, I'm sure someone complained, but by and large, no one had anything to say about this contradiction.

Now that I'm done typing that, I don't remember how it connected to the Noah article, but it was a thought bubble...