Sunday, January 27, 2008


On Friday night, while some were praying for our ministry, others were trashing it. Someone, probably a group of little hoodlums broke into and vandalized the Worship Center. So far, it doesn't look like anything was stolen, but six or so pews were broken off their floor mounts and turned over. There was also a "666" and a circled pentagram scrawled on a white board. I give thanks to the Lord . . . it could have been so much worse.

Many thanks to our facilities guys for their amazing handling of this incident. Craig Hughes spent most of the day on Saturday reassembling and reinstalling the broken pews in time for services on Sunday. James Borland handled all the incident reporting and public relations. I want to make sure their service to the Lord and His people does not go unrecognized and unappreciated. Please make it a point to thank both these guys when you see them around campus.

Here are a couple of pictures. . . .

And here are the media stories. . .


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Tim Weaver said...

Just heard about what happened this morning. My shameful first thought: "What a bunch of jerks. What is the point in doing something like that." Then, the Lord reminded me. Pray for, bless, and do good to your enemies and those who hate you. The Lord then totally warmed my heart toward these people, so... Lord, we ask you to bless these people who have animosity toward you and your people at Grace church. Bless them with repentance and a soft heart. Use what happened on Friday night to bring glory and honor to your name especially in the lives of those who did this. May Your love for them that motivated You to send your Son to the cross win humble and win their hearts.

Roy said...

These enemies need a little jail time!