Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thinking about the Sanctity of Life

This last Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday. Sometimes we think too narrowly about the Sanctity of Life, reducing this issue as having to do only with abortion related issues. I am concerned that we think more broadly about this Biblical issue.

Tim Borland, came and shared about his "63 marathons in 63 days" A-T Cure Tour to raise awareness and funds for a cure for Ataxia-telangiectasia,a rare degenerative disease that affects children.

Listen to Tim's Sunday message HERE.
Watch some videos about Tim's adventure HERE.

In my intro, I suggested this partial list of ways we can get personally involved. . .

  • Have our own children and raise them well.
  • We can adopt needy and unwanted children
  • We can create a church community that affirms life at every age and stage of development.
  • We can care well for our elderly family members.
  • We can be informed and actively vote our conscious on these issues.
  • We can make careful and prayerful choices in our own personal lives. . . .
  • We can support and volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, with special needs children and at elderly rest homes.
What other ideas have you got?

This week our Growth Groups are thinking and praying about these issues and as one of our disussions questions this week I pointed them here to Life Together, where I promised I would post some recent articles related to the Sanctity of Life for additional reading.

So here's the first. . . and I will keep posting them this week as I dig them up. This first article I noticed this morning on the front page of World on the Web.

Cloner's Make New Claim

What is your reaction to this story?


Ryan MacConnell said...

I think the last sentence of the article is so important. "scientists can now turn adult skin cells into stem cells without destroying embryos". It is important for us to be aware of these alternate sources of stem cells. Thanks Tim.

Suzette said...

That article was hard to read. Why is clonig ok as long as the resulting embryo is destroyed? A clone is basicly just a twin - a completly new person.

On the suggestions, I have a good one I heard in my growth group. One family has invited a 92 year old lady who lives alone to come to dinner. How cool is that.

Also on Sunday I talked to a lady who is legally blind. She can get around ok, but needs someone to read to her. Especially the church bulletin on Sunday. I hope I see her next week.