Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Compassion Girls Club

As some of you know, my 11 year old Sage started Compassion Girls Club with some girls at her school to sponsor a Compassion child named Yenifer. Sage and the club were featured in the Winter issue of Compassion magazine in a short feature called "Compassion Kids."

Here's the excerpt:

Business Cents
Sage Theule, a fifth-grader in California, started a club to change one little girl's life. This is her story:

I decided to sponsor a child just with girls from my school. I picked Yenifer because she was 3 and I wanted a girl who was younger so we could sponsor her for longer. "To earn money for sponsoring Yenifer, I started the Compassion Girls' Club. There are nine girls in the club. We make and sell earrings, bracelets and beaded bookmarks. Also we have a lemonade stand. I made a logo to put on everything we sell. It's a heart with wings on it to send out love. And I made handouts with Compassion's Web site on them. "I think my sponsorship means a lot to Yenifer. She always sounds really happy in her letters. Also from my sponsorship I learned that when you're helping others it makes you and them feel good."
That's my girl!


Tim Weaver said...

Way to go girls. That is Christ reaching the world though His people.

I think Compassion is great. My parents sponsored kids when I was growing up and now we sponsor a boy named Roland from Burkina Faso. We got hooked up at Spirit West Coast a few years back.

Heather K. said...

I subbed in Eden's class today and she was telling me about this! She was so proud, and so was Julia! Good for them!!!!

jeff martin said...

Even at a young age, this is a perfect example of some of the points made during Pastor Danny Martins sermon. A sort of ministry based vocation. Wow, perfect and timely illustration... Praise God!

Brenda Williams said...

Way to go Sage! I'm so glad she got some recognition in the Compassion magazine. She could not have picked a more worthy organization nor cause to work hard for and donate to!

Carrie Haughey said...

That's awesome! Wonderful that Compassion chose to highlight those girls! Kyle and I just "adopted" a little girl in Hati with 1BY1 Hati, a program with the Baptist General Conference, I grew up in a BGC church, that allows kids in Hati (one of the poorest nations) to go to school, get a uniform, and a good meal every day. She is only 5.5 so we hope to be able to sponsor her all through her schooling if we can!

Cathi Hamen said...

Wow Tim! What an amazing girl you are raising! I am soo impressed! keep up the good work!