Friday, February 22, 2008

Early Childhood Center & Founders Hall Progress Report

New Hallway with handicap access into the Worship Center taking shape

The Elders had a chance to walk through the renewing Early Childhood Center & Founders Hall last evening. Our contractor, Dave McCoy, had walked me through earlier in the afternoon. It was fun to see the elders get excited about the changes and improvements. Their reaction was, "The Congregation has no idea! We need to get them in here and let them share the excitement."

I agree! We're working on either a "Walk-Through Day" or a video walk-through.

Construction on the bottom floor has definitely turned a corner. Most of the tear out is done and now new framing is starting to go up. New heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducting is all installed. Now you can start to see new hallways, foyers, and bathrooms start to take shape. Its going to be really great and completely change how we enter and circulate around that whole area of our campus. The new entrance with wide hallway and handicap access into the worship center is particularly exciting to see.

Thanks for your faithful giving to our Building on the Legacy Vision. Thank the Lord for his faithful provision of people, finances, and vision.

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pennymalley said...

So exciting! And I need to give a shout-out for the air-conditioning that's going in! It may not seem like a necessity, but if you've ever had to pick up your kids on those hot summer Sundays and wipe the sweat off their little faces, you understand. I think finding volunteers to help on those mornings may be easier now, too- sign me up! :)